Aluminium doors Putney
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9 grudnia 2018
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11 grudnia 2018

Aluminium doors Putney

After purchasing a house, one of the first decisions we have to make is choosing the type of entrance doors. This choice is very important, so it should be well thought over. First of all, we have to select from which raw materials our doors will be made of. We can choose from steel, PVC, aluminium or wood. Wood is very elegant and natural material, but it is susceptible to weather conditions and is not easy to maintain – it needs to be coated every 5 – 8 years. Steel is strong, but very heavy and it expands under the influence of heat. It also does not have good acoustic insulation.

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PVC is a popular material, since it has good acoustic and thermal parameters, but it is not flexible and is not able to meet the expectations of every customer, especially in terms of aesthetics and style. Aluminium doors, found for instance in Putney, combines the advantages of all the above-mentioned materials, and it has relatively few drawbacks. Aluminium doors protects from burglary, prevents the noise coming into house and has good thermal insulation. In addition, it can come in every colour.