4900 Sliding HI


4900 Sliding HI is a sliding window and doors system with straight aesthetic with a slim interlock of just 35mm. It allows a glass thickness of up to 36mm, giving it great thermal and acoustic performance. It can reach dimensions of up to 2200mm in width and 2600mm in height per sash.

Technical Data

Maximum Glazing Thickness: 36mm

Polyamide Strip Length: 34mm

Opening Options
Sliding of 2, 3, 4 & 6 sashes (possibility of 3 rails)

Frame: 70mm
Sash: 48mm

Profile Thickness: 16mm

Maximum Dimensions
Width: 2200mm
Height: 2600mm

Maximum Weight:
(maximum weight may change depending on dimensions and openings)

Bicolour systems
Power coated (RAL, mottled and rough)
Wood Effect powder coating
Anti-bacterial powder coating


Transmittance: Uw from 1.2 W/m2K

Maximum acoustic insulation: Rw=40 dB

Air permeability: Class 4 (EN 12207:2000)

Water tightness: Class 7A (EN 12208:2000)

Wind Resistance: Class C5 (EN 12210:2000)