Concept System 104 High Insulating aluminium window and door

Concept System 104 ‘High Insulating’ aluminium window and door

CS 104 is a brand-new aluminium window and door system, specifically designed to increase thermal performance making CS 104 doors being one of the best aluminium insulated doors on the market. The whopping 0.88 W/m²K is possible due to the combination of foam and insulation strips.

Not only this great thermal performance is achieved but also this system gives great water and air tightness making these windows great for buildings in high altitudes or costal areas. Furthermore, meeting classes 2 & 3 for burglar resistance makes this system a secure option.

Technical Data

Minimum visible width

Inward opening:

✓ Frame:  Windows-69mm   Doosr-82mm

✓ Vent:     Windows-48mm   Doosr-71mm

Outward opening:

✓ Frame:  Windows-X   Doosr-46mm

✓ Vent:     Windows-X   Doosr-107mm

T-profile: Frame:

✓ Windows-99mm   Doosr-99mm

Overall system depth

✓ Frame:  Windows-95mm   Doosr-95mm

✓ Vent:     Windows-104mm   Doosr-95mm

Rebate height

✓ Windows-25mm-30mm   Doosr-25mm

Glass thickness

✓ Up to 65mm for both windows and doors

Glazing method

✓ Dry glazing with EPDM or neutral silicones

Thermal insulation

✓ Windows: 59mm fibreglass reinforced polyamide strips (strips with insulating foam integrated in the strip chambers)

✓ Doors: 50mm fibreglass reinforced polyamide strips (strips with insulating foam applied in the strip chambers)

Testing results   

✓ Thermal Insulation (EN 10077-2): Uf value down to 0.88 (W/m²K)

✓ Value depends on the frame/vent combination and glass thickness

✓ Air tightness max test pressure (EN 1026; EN 12207): 600Pa

✓ Water tightness (EN1027; EN 12208): Windows:900Pa  Doors:300Pa

✓ Wind load resistance max test pressure (EN12211; EN12210): Windows:5  Doors:2                

✓ Wind load resistance to frame deflection (EN12211; EN12210): C