Concept System 68 aluminium window

Concept System 68 aluminium window

CS 68 is a well-insulated triple chamber system for both window and doors with great thermal performance and meeting highest strength and safety requirements.

This system is available to a wide range of styles including functional, Reaissance, Softline and hidden vent allowing these windows to match any buildings.

It is able to open both inward and outward with having the possibility  to add a Ventalis ventilation unit. For your safety the CS 68 meets the highest burglar resistance classes 2 and 3.

Technical Data

Minimum visible width

✓ Inward opening window:

✓ Frame:  Functional-51mm  Renaissance-51mm  Softline-51mm  Hidden Vent-76m

✓ Vent:     Functional-33mm  Renaissance-33mm  Softline-33mm  Hidden Vent-not visible

Outward opening window:

✓ Frame:  Functional-17.5mm  Renaissance-X  Softline-X  Hidden Vent-X

✓ Vent:     Functional-76mm     Renaissance-X  Softline-X  Hidden Vent-X

Inward opening flush door:

✓ Frame:  Functional-68mm     Renaissance-X  Softline-X  Hidden Vent-X

✓ Vent:     Functional-76mm     Renaissance-X  Softline-X  Hidden Vent-X

Outward opening flush door:

✓ Frame:  Functional-42mm       Renaissance-X  Softline-X  Hidden Vent-X

✓ Vent:     Functional-102mm     Renaissance-X  Softline-X  Hidden Vent-X

T-profile: Frame:

✓ Functional-76mm  Renaissance-76mm  Softline-76mm  Hidden Vent-126mm

Overall system depth

✓ Frame:  Functional-59mm  Renaissance-68mm  Softline-68mm  Hidden Vent-59mm

✓ Vent:     Functional-68mm  Renaissance-77mm  Softline-77mm  Hidden Vent-63.5mm

Rebate height

✓ Functional-25mm  Renaissance-25mm  Softline-25mm  Hidden Vent-18.5mm

Glass thickness

✓ Up to 44mm on all designs

Glazing method                                                                                      \

✓ Dry glazing with EPDM or neutral silicones





Thermal insulation

✓ 23mm omega-shaped fibreglass reinforced polyamide strips

Insulation variants

✓ HI available for all variants (Classic, Cubic and Ferro)

Testing results

✓ Thermal Insulation (EN 10077-2): Uf value between 1.8 and 2.9 (W/m²K)

✓ Value depends on the frame/vent combination and glass thickness

✓ Acoustic performance (EN ISO 140-3; EN ISO 717-1): 37-44 dB, depending on glazing type

✓ Air tightness max test pressure (EN 1026; EN 12207):600Pa

✓ Water tightness (EN1027; EN 12208): 1200Pa

✓ Wind load resistance max test pressure (EN12211; EN12210): 2000Pa                    

✓ Wind load resistance to frame deflection (EN12211; EN12210): ≤ 1/300

✓ Burglar resistance (EN 1628-EN 1630; EN 1627): WK 2 & 3              

Opening Door Types: