Isotra Energy

Advantages and Benefits

  • Electrically controlled blind using solar energy
  • No electricity consumption
  • Wirelessly controlled blinds
  • Well engineered design


Installation Options
The blind is mounted directly onto the window wing

For ISOTRA Energy blind
minimum width: 400 mm
maximum width: 2000 mm
maximum height: 2200 mm
maximum area: 2,5 m2

RZOVL remote control unit- small remote control able to control individual blinds and group of blinds from a distance of up to 150m. Charged by two 1.5V batteries.
RZTL wireless button- can control the tilt of lamellas and lower blinds at the same.
SRZSR Solar regulator- this tilts the lamellas of the blinds depending on the intensity of the sunlight. This can only be used with a RZOVL remote control unit.

Profile Colour

Lamella colours

Dimension 25 mm × 0,18 mm

Dimension 25 mm × 0,21 mm

Herby stated colours are only for reference. We recommend visiting our showroom to get a physical watch of the fabrics.We cannot accept claims for inappropriately chosen colours according to electronic samples.