Kratos hi

Kratos hi thermally broken curtain wall system London

This is a thermally broken curtain wall system used for commercial applications. It is able to have a large span of self-supporting glazing structures with slim glazing profile with a standard of 52mm width. Due to the wide range of internal depths available that support the profile allow for a wide range of wall designs. This system has great thermal performance to ensure a reduction of energy loss. These features make this system ideal for commercial building walls to increase the amount of natural light in the building without losing thermal performance.

Technical Details

Profile Depth: 50-260mm

Profile Width: 52mm

Glazing: 6-59mm

Air Permeability (EN 12152): Class A4

Water Tightness (EN 12154): E600A-E1050A

Wind Resistance (EN 13116): 2,4-3,6 kN/m2

Wrong Use (EN 13115): Class 4

Impact (EN 13049): Class 5

Thermal Resistance (EN 10077): Uf ≥ 0,87 W/m2K

Façade 4000×4000

12 equal parts: Ucw ≥ 0,71 W/m2K