Advantages and Benefits

  • Cover profile available in aluminium or plastic design.
  • Side guidance bars prevent the penetration of light.
  • Profiles and bars can be coated with Renolite to imitate wood.
  • Wide range of colours
  • Easy chain control


Installation Options
The roller blind is mounted directly on the casement

Manually- chain from plastic or metal

on the window wing

For the Luna roller blind
minimum width: 300 mm
maximum width: 1400 mm
maximum height: 1700mm
maximum area: 1,5 m2

Design Options
aluminium guidance bar
plastic U-shaped bar

RAL colour versions for the head rail, bottom rail and leading bars

Pattern chart of fabrics

Herby stated colours are only for reference. We recommend visiting our showroom to get a physical watch of the fabrics.We cannot accept claims for inappropriately chosen colours according to electronic samples.