Advantages and Benefits

  • Great roofing for terraces and galleries
  • DICSKON fabrics with CLEANGUARD surface treatment
  • SUNACRYL fibre and the solution dyed acrylic technology ensures high colour stability of fabrics
  • Maximum ejection 3.5 m
  • Possibility of electrical control and choice of sun / wind sensor
  • Awings arms made from special aluminium alloys



Electrically- by switch or remote control
Manual- handle


On the wall
Into the ceiling
Into the roof
Technical Parameters

EXTENSION: 1,5 m; 1,75 m; 2 m; 2,25 m; 2,5 m; 2,75 m; 3 m; 3,5 m; 3,75 m; 4 m
MAXIMUM EXTENSION: 4 m (3,5 m for crossed arms)
MINIMUM WIDTH: Extension + 0.5 m
ARM TYPE: Folding, aluminium, with springs and belt
MOTION ANGLE: 20° – 75°
WINDING SHAFT SIZE: 70 mm, 78 mm
STRUCTURE COLOUR: standard white RAL 9016, other RAL colours
PELMET: Height 21 cm (+/- 0.5 cm)
MANUAL CONTROL: Handle 150 cm, 180 cm, 220 cm, 250 cm
ELECTRIC CONTROL: Motor, motor with emergency handle, remote control, automatic wind / sun sensor
CANOPY: On request
ASSEMBLY: To the facade or into the ceiling

Cloth selection


CLEANGUARD treatment used NPP (Nanotechnology Protection Process) allowing the fabric to maximise its protection against water and dirt long-term. The fabrics eliminate up to 95% of solar and heat radiation while maintaining a stable colour. This is due to the SUNACRYL fibre and solution dyed acrylic which ensures high colour stability while not being toxic and harmless to you and the environment. We provide a guarantee for resistance to mould and stability of colours (min. 7/8 stability of colours after exposure to ultraviolet beams and weather conditions according to standards NF ISO 105 B02 and NF EN ISO 105 B04) for all fabrics during 10 years.

Herby stated colours are only for reference. We recommend visiting our showroom to get a physical watch of the fabrics.We cannot accept claims for inappropriately chosen colours according to electronic samples.