System 25

Advantages and Benefits

  • available with and without upper profile
  • several opening types
  • can be placed in-between glass pane


Installation Options
Window hole (ceiling) – only the pro version without the covering profile
Front of the window hole (wall) – for version with the cover profile
Onto the window frame

For Isolite blind
minimum width: 300 mm (cord, chain), 400 mm (handle, engine textile tape), 600 mm (engine cord)
maximum width: 2000 mm
maximum height: 2200 mm
maximum area: 2,5 m2

For System 25 blind

SYSTEM 25S, SM – cord – wand
Cord to raise and lower blind (colour equal with slat colour), hexagonal wand for slate tilting (transparent colour)
In between glass blind with option to tilt slates.
SYSTEM 25R – chain
Chain 3.2mm diameter to raise or lower the blind and also tilt (colour equal with slate colour).
SYSTEM 25K – handle
Used to raise, lower and tilt (grey colour)
SYSTEM 25L (large) – chain
Chain 4.5mm diameter used to raise, lower and tilt (colour equal with slate colour).
SYSTEM 25M – motor
Electric motor: switch for raise, lower and tilt (white color)
Remote control to raise, lower and tilt (white, silver, black, blue-white colour options)




rotary button


in between glass panes




cord - wand

construction with covered profile:

construction without covered profile

Profile Colour

Isotra System Decoral 1 Profile Colour

Isotra System Decoral 2 Profile Colour

Lamella colours

Dimension 25 mm × 0,18 mm

Dimension 25 mm × 0,21 mm

Herby stated colours are only for reference. We recommend visiting our showroom to get a physical watch of the fabrics.We cannot accept claims for inappropriately chosen colours according to electronic samples.