Tilt and Turn Windows
Tilt and Turn windows is a standard European system of timber joinery used in construction. Massive and solid timber construction coupled with high thermal and acoustic insulation are among its many advantages. The system is easy to maintain, which guarantees its long life. The window may have one or more sashes.


Structure: Windows open inward


Opening: tilt & turn

Glazing: Double or triple glazed

✓ Anti–burglary glass
✓ Anti-reflective glass
✓ Acoustic glass
✓ Sandblasted and Decorative glass
✓ Self-cleaning glass
✓ Ironmongery: Standard – Caldwell, Roto, Siegenia, AXA
✓ Optional: anti-burglary ironmongery

✓ azure keeps evident structure of the wood
✓ obscure in complete RAL colour chart
✓ 4-layer paint system of ecological paints by the Finnish company Teknos or the Dutch company Sikkens
✓ Carpentry single or dual colour

Georgian bars (optional):
✓ internal
✓ glued on both sides
✓ structural
✓ traditional lead – leads

Ancillaries: Decorations (transom bar), trickle vents, winter-summer locking device, window handle clamp, reed relays, handle with a key, window vents.