Triton aluminium windows and doors

Triton aluminium windows and doors

Triton is a system for the construction of doors, windows and shop windows consisting of triple chamber profiles designed to give great thermal performance. This system offers solutions for pretty much any windows and doors. With the easy production process due to the use of CNC machines or blanking dies results in a very cost-efficient manufacturing process. It is compatible with several different systems: Hercules, Olympia, Harmonia, Hestia and Notus.

Technical Details

Profile Depth: frame 72mm, leaf 81mm

Glazing: 10-66mm

Air Permeability (EN 12207): Class 2-4

Water Tightness (EN 12208): E750A-E2000A

Wind Resistance (EN 12211): C1-C4

Operation Force (EN 13115, EN12046-1): Class 1

Wrong Use (EN 13115): Class 4

Impact (EN 13049): Class 3-5

Acoustic Performance (EN ISO140-3, EN ISO 717-1): 40 (-2: -6) dB

Burglary Proof (NEN 5096/A1, ENV 1627): Class 2

Thermal Resistance (EN 10077): Uf ≥ 1,91 W/m2K

Window 1230×1480: Uw ≥ 1,13 W/m2K

Door 1100×2350: Ud ≥ 1,39 W/m2K