Veranda HRV52

Advantages and Benefits

  • Great for shading large spaces in winter gardens
  • Good thermal protection
  • Possibility to connect 4 pcs together
  • Made from extruded aluminium (profile)
  • Any RAL colour

Technical Parameters

minimum width: 2000 mm
maximum width: 5500 mm
maximum height: 6000 mm
guaranteed area: 25 metres squared

Only above winter garden or pergola

Control Options:
Motor- tubular motor 230V (50 Hz)


Fabric Selection


CLEANGUARD treatment used NPP (Nanotechnology Protection Process) allowing the fabric to maximise its protection against water and dirt long-term. The fabrics eliminate up to 95% of solar and heat radiation while maintaining a stable colour. This is due to the SUNACRYL fibre and solution dyed acrylic which ensures high colour stability while not being toxic and harmless to you and the environment. We provide a guarantee for resistance to mould and stability of colours (min. 7/8 stability of colours after exposure to ultraviolet beams and weather conditions according to standards NF ISO 105 B02 and NF EN ISO 105 B04) for all fabrics during 10 years.
Soltis 86, 92
The material is made from a fabric woven from a high-strength polyester fibre, with surface treatment by pigmented PVC. The material is pre-stressed using the Precontraint technology in two directions, ensuring high dimensional stability and strength. Further advantages of the material include excellent heat--insulating properties, optimal visual and lighting properties, colour fastness (UV-stability), and flame resistance (B1, M1).

Herby stated colours are only for reference. We recommend visiting our showroom to get a physical watch of the fabrics.We cannot accept claims for inappropriately chosen colours according to electronic samples.