Verra & Verra Metal

Advantages and Benefits

  • Modern Design
  • Wide colour range of fabrics used
  • Easy Handling and Assembly
  • Day-night or screen fabric
  • Possibility of side guidance by a wire
  • Possibility of electric control
  • Bottom rail is possible to cover by fabric
  • Kids designs available
  • Both metal and plastic options available





Installation Options
The roller blind can be mounted on the casement, wall or ceiling using side brackets

Manually- chain from plastic or metal
Electric drive- remote control or switch

into the window hole (ceiling)
in front of the window hole (wall)

For the Verra roller blind
minimum width: 300 mm / 500 mm (motor version)
maximum width: 3500 mm / 3000 mm (for Screen)
maximum height: 5500 mm (5500 mm)
maximum area: 17,5 m2 (9,9 m2)

For VERRA METAL roller blind
Minimum width: 300 mm / 700 mm (motor version)
Maximum width: up to 3500 mm
Maximum height: 5500 mm (5500 mm)
Maximum area: up to 17,5 m2 (9,9 m2)

Pattern chart of fabrics

Day and Night Fabrics

Screen fabric

Satiné, Satiné Metal
PVC-coated fibreglass provides excellent dimension stability, protection against fire and chemicals, UV stability and excellent resistance to weather conditions. In the basic version, the fabric is composed of 42 % fiberglass and 58 % PVC coating (except for the blackout-type fabrics).

Screen Nature
Made of 100% fibreglass without PVC and halogens making them meet high ecology requirements with minimum environmental impacts, for the protection of health, safety and flame resistance (A2, M0).

The combination of 30 % polyester fiber and 70 % PVC offers a wide range of fabrics for indoor use.

Soltis 86, 92, 99
The material is made from a fabric woven from a high-strength polyester fibre, with surface treatment by pigmented PVC. The material is pre-stressed using the Precontraint technology in two directions, ensuring high dimensional stability and strength. Further advantages of the material include excellent heat--insulating properties, optimal visual and lighting properties, colour fastness (UV-stability), and flame resistance (B1, M1).

SCR 4005
Internal and external use with a lower price yet keeping high quality standard

Cristal Plus 500 FSR
The fabric is made of PVC -P compound (PVC + plasticizers + additives). It´s a thermoplastic material, it means that the polymer chains change behaviour depending on the temperatures. In the temperature range 55 °C / –10 °C the fabric does not change its structure. The material also has a very low thermal conductivity, which means that it does not absorb too much heat, and will not overheat.
Herby stated colours are only for reference. We recommend visiting our showroom to get a physical watch of the fabrics.We cannot accept claims for inappropriately chosen colours according to electronic samples.