Bi Folding Doors


Bi Folding Doors Acton Chwiswick Putney SheenBi-fold is a system of joinery, which folds inward or outward. The system may be used as patio door or as a window. The folding doors are the most popular and simple construction and allow for significant space saving.  We have infinite ideas and options to create unique interiors with direct access to the patio or garden.


✓ Timber: Pine, European and American oak, meranti

✓ Structure: Folding doors

✓ Thickness: Profile thickness 68mm

Opening: Inward or outward

Glazing: Double glazed

✓ Laminated glass

✓ Toughened glass

✓ Decorative glass

✓ Glass of increased durability

✓ Sound proof glass

Ironmongery: BRIO

Colours: Teknos and Sikkens- ecological water-dilutable, azure or obscure

Gaskets: Q-lon by Schlegel

Georgian bars (optional):

✓ Glued in different sizes and profiles

✓ Internal

✓ Structural

Ancillaries: Trickle vents, milled battens, decorative corbels