Aluminium doors Mortlake
Aluminium doors Merton
9 grudnia 2018
Aluminium doors Putney
11 grudnia 2018

Aluminium doors Mortlake

In the past, aluminium was used in window and door carpentry only in industrial buildings or properties intended for providing services. Today, aluminium doors is also used in single-family buildings e.g. in Mortlake, especially those, which have modern or minimalist design. The properties of aluminium allow to use it widely in the construction industry – it is quite light, strong and flexible, very easy to process and maintain. The raw material can be easily bent and formed, which enables to prepare it for any style.

Aluminium doors London

Aluminium is also resistant to corrosion, especially when it has been powder coated. Aluminium can perfectly replace steel, its durability and strength are comparable, however, aluminium is less heavy. Aluminium doors is also an interesting alternative to PVC and wood, because it does not deform under the influence of high temperatures and the colour of the doors does not fade as in the case of wood. The doors made of aluminium enables the investors to ensure the compliance with firefighting regulations.