Casement Cortizo


This brand new aluminium system that allows the maximum amount of light into your room due to the extremely thin yet tough design. This system is able to achieve great thermal performance from 1.0 W/m2K due to its 32mm thermal break. Although being a small profile this window offers great security as PAS 24 British Certified. Windows can open either side hung or top hung. Product can be finished in any RAL colour and wood imitation and dual colour options are available.

Technical Data

-Maximum Glazing: 44mm

-Opening Possibilities: side & top hung

Frame: 70mm
Sash: 70mm

-Profile Thickness: 1,6mm

-Polyamide Strip Length: 32mm

-Maximum Dimensions:
Slim Sash Side Hung
Width (L)= 700mm
Height (H)= 1300mm

Slim Sash Top Hung
Width (L)= 1200mm
Height (H)= 1300mm

Heavy Duty Sash Side Hung
Width (L)= 750mm
Height (H)= 1750mm

Heavy Duty Sash Top Hung
Width (L)= 1800mm
Height (H)= 1800mm

Maximum Weight:
Slim Sash:
Side Hung 35kg
Top Hung 50kg

Heavy Duty Sash:
Side Hung 42kg
Top Hung 100kg

-Dual Colour
-Powder Coating
-Wood immitation
-Anti-bacterial powder coating


UW ≥ 1,1 (W/m²K)

-Maximum acoustic insulation
Rw=45 dB

-Air permeability
(BS EN 12207:2000): CLASS 4

-Water tightness
(BS EN 12208:2000): CLASS E1200

-Wind resistance
(BS EN 12210:2000): CLASS CE 2400

Reference test 1.438 x 1.330 m, 1 sash + 1 fixed.

-Security test
(PAS 24:2016): APT