The Casement Stormproof

Window storm proof LondonThe Casement Stormproof window that opens outward is extremely comfortable in use and makes arranging your interiors so much easier. You don’t have to worry about all the space occupied by the sashes opened inward.

The option of opening outward due to SECURISTYLE allows you to clean your windows from the inside. Stormproof profile is perfect for historical buildings, which matches their vintage style. The window sash is not integrated with the frame.

We always take individual Customer preferences into consideration. All necessary window elements are previously discussed with the Recipient.


✓ Structure: Windows open outward

✓ Timber: pine, oak, meranti

✓ Thickness: Frame thickness: 68/86 mm; Sash thickness: 68/86mm

✓ Opening: side-hung; tilting outward; fixed glazing

✓ Glazing: Standard – thermofloat Ug= 1,1 W/m2K


✓ Antiburglary glass

✓ Anti-reflective glass

✓ Acoustic glass

✓ Sandblasted and Decorative glass

✓ Self-cleaning glass

✓ Ironmongery: Standard -Securistyle

✓ Optional: Cobra anti-burglary ironmongery by WINKHAUS


✓ azure keeps evident structure of the wood

✓ obscure in complete RAL colour chart

✓ 4-layer paint system of ecological paints by the Finnish company Teknos or the Dutch company Sikkens

✓ Carpentry single or dual colour

✓ Gaskets: Q-lon by Schlegel

Georgian bars (optional):

✓ internal

✓ glued on both sides

✓ structural

✓ traditional lead – leads

✓ Ancillaries: decorative ironmongery, trickle vents, opening restrictions, frame extension, handles with keys, windowsills, decorative battens and corbels