Cetta 35 interior Blinds

Advantages and Benefits

  • Lamella colours are available in wood imitation
  • Can cover large spaces
  • Wide range of control Options
  • Recommended for big buildings


electrically – by remote control unit or switch
manually – by cord, lever

For Cetta 35 blind
minimum width: 400 mm, 600 mm (electric control)
maximum width: 3150 mm
maximum height: 3000 mm
maximum area: 6,0 m2 (cord control), 8,0 m2 (level control), 10,0 m2 (electric control)

Assembly Options

Profile Colour

Herby stated colours are only for reference. We recommend visiting our showroom to get a physical watch of the fabrics.We cannot accept claims for inappropriately chosen colours according to electronic samples.