Cetta 80

Advantages and Benefits

  • Duo construction system, Slim system or Flexi system,
  • Lower profile from extruded aluminium
  • Guaranteed area of up to 24,0 meters squared
  • Electric control option
  • Good thermal and sound insulation
  • High level of shading


Manually- handle
Electric drive- remote control or switch

For Cetta 80
minimum width: 600 mm
maximum width: 4000 mm (handle) / 6000 mm (motor)
maximum height: 4000 mm
maximum area: 8 m2 (for handle control) / 16 m2 (for Cetta 80 Flexi – for motor control) / 24 m2 (for motor control)


Herby stated colours are only for reference. We recommend visiting our showroom to get a physical watch of the fabrics.We cannot accept claims for inappropriately chosen colours according to electronic samples.

Assembly Options


Slim system

Fulfils requirements for low roll height
Specific folding of slats (side alternative overlap of neighbouring slats) allowing you to keep guidance bar
Suitable for compact spaces

Duo system

Allows different levels of tilting for the upper and lower part of the blind simultanesly
Ensures greater shading variability
Great solution for business buildings
Flexi system

Low roll height is achieved by using slats without longitudinal folding
Suitable solution for compact spaces
Sloped Blind Cetta 80F TE

Solution for window screening with asymmetric shapes
Slats copy the upper frame angle, and are parallel with it
Aluminium slats are guided in steel wire
Special mechanism which balances the different lengths of textile belts during the blind movement up and down The bottom rail is telescopic and it is used for balancing the different width of the blind in the lower position and the upper position Only motor control
Cetta 80-Flexi into a lintel

minimum width: 600 mm
maximum width: 3,850 mm
maximum height: 1,700 mm (Cetta 80), 4,000 mm (Cetta 80 – Flexi – wire), 2,800 mm (Cetta 80 – Flexi – guiding channels), 2,000 mm (Cetta 80 Slim)
maximum area: 8 m2