Eco System 50 aluminium window and door system

Eco System 50 aluminium window and door system

ES 50 is an outward and inward opening window and door system, with great thermal performance for a very low price. The reduced built in depth allows this system to be places in walls with reduced thickness.

This system offers a block profile which allows to hide the hinges resulting in a smarter, cleaner look.

With the system meeting class 2 burglar resistance, it offers a secure solution for your building.

Technical Data

Minimum visible width

✓ Inward opening window:

✓ Frame: 48mm

✓ Vent: 30mm


Outward opening window:

✓ Frame: 21mm

✓ Vent: 87mm

✓ Inward opening flush door:

✓ Frame: 67mm

✓ Vent: 74mm

Outward opening flush door:

✓ Frame: 42mm

✓ Vent: 99mm


✓ T-profile: Frame:

✓ 70mm

Overall system depth window

✓ Frame:  50mm   Vent:  59mm

Overall system depth flush door

✓ Frame: 50mm   Vent:  50mm

Rebate height

✓ 22mm

Glass thickness

✓ Up to 32mm

Glazing method

✓ Dry glazing with EPDM or neutral silicones

Thermal insulation

✓ omega-shaped fibreglass reinforced polyamide strips (frame 26.3 mm – vent 22 mm)

Testing results

✓ Thermal Insulation (EN 10077-2): Uf value down to 1.6 (W/m²K)

✓ Value depends on the frame/vent combination and glass thickness

✓ Acoustic performance (EN ISO 140-3; EN ISO 717-1): 35-39 dB, depending on glazing type

✓ Air tightness max test pressure (EN 1026; EN 12207): 600Pa

✓ Water tightness (EN1027; EN 12208): 750Pa

✓ Wind load resistance max test pressure (EN12211; EN12210): 1600Pa

✓ Wind load resistance to frame deflection (EN12211; EN12210): ≤ 1/300

✓ Burglar resistance (ENC 1627-ENV 1630): WK 2