Exterior Blinds

Cetta 50

For smaller Premisses


  • Electric Control Options
  • Recommended for smaller buildings
  • Can be used both inside and outside
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Cetta 65

Covers a large area


  • Lower profile from extruded aluminium
  • DUO SYSTEM– double tilting of lamellas
  • higher lamella rigidity
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Zetta 70

Technologically Advance Blinds


  • Impressed rubber reduces noise
  • High level of shading
  • Electric Control Option
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Setta 65

Elegant Design


  • Bottom rail from the extruded aluminium
  • Maximum guaranteed area 24 m2
  • Electric control option
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Titan 90

High level of Protection


  • High level of wind resistance
  • Easy and quick replacement of damaged slats
  • Self-supporting blind
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