Notus sliding door system

Notus sliding system doors London

Notus is a sliding door system which is a thermally broken profile system created for external use.  This single chamber profile has a leaf depth of 46mm and a large thermal break to increase thermal performance with a maximum leaf weight of 400kg. This system is also available in double and triple track frame. Overall, this system is great for family houses and commercial buildings.

Technical Details

Profile Depth: frame 94mm, leaf 46mm
Glazing: 3-36mm

Air Permeability (EN 12207): Class 4

Water Tightness (EN 12208): E300A

Wind Resistance (EN 12211): C3

Operation Force (EN 13115, EN12046-1): Class 1

Wrong Use (EN 13115): Class 4

Burglary Proof (NEN 5096/A1, ENV 1627): Class 2

Thermal Resistance (EN 10077): Uf ≥ 2,86 W/m2K

Door 4000×2900

2-leaves (1+1)

Ud ≥ 1,18 W/m2K