Pallas thermally broken winter garden roof system

Pallas thermally broken winter garden roof system London

A thermally broken winter garden roof system with improved thermal characteristics. This system was designed to meet the specifications of a traditional Victorian conservatory roof look. It is able to offer optimal thermal performance on very complex designs. This system is uses a specially designed aluminium profile which allows it to work with a wide range of accessories resulting in the traditional look. This system is designed so that its horizontal perimeter frame supports the system. It can also be supported by glazed wall systems allowing it to form a great looking conservatory or winter garden. Furthermore, it can also be used as a skylight on a flat roof, bringing natural light from above to ordinary rooms. The system includes an improved ABS thermal break within the 56mm profile width providing great thermal performance. It can also be double glazed, and the system is fully drained and vented.

Technical Details

Max. roof width: 5000mm
Max. roof length: unlimited
IX Beams: 27,4-79,7 cm4

Versions: 3

Thermal Resistance (EN 10077): 1,50 W/m2K

Depending on the size