PVC-U Sash Windows
PVC-U sash windows are the cheapest solution for replacing your old windows. Bespoke Windows London offers a wide range of styles to match your old windows as close as possible or give your home a fresh look. Our design options offer internal Georgian Bars or external Astragal bar to give your windows a unique style.

Our PVC-U windows have a wide range of openings. They open both up and down like every other sash to help you easily ventilate your interior but also have a Tilt & Easy Clean opening. This allows a simple inward opening for a quick and safe cleaning of the outside glass and frame, in particular being useful for windows above ground floor which may be hard to access from the outside.

These Bespoke PVC-U windows can be manufactured to widths as low as 370mm to a maximum of 1600m with height going as low as 740mm to a maximum of 3000mm. No matter the size of the window, all of our PVC-U sash windows are supplied with an A-Rated Window Energy Rating as standard. These ratings have been approved by the British Fenestration Ratings Council (BFRC). We manufacture thermal inserts from PVC-U and insert them into the windows during production to increase thermal performance. Due to not using traditional steel bars, not only are the windows more efficient but lighter and easier to install. Our PVC-U sash windows also got tested at the UKAS test house receiving great results as seen below.

Air Permeability (BS.5368): 600Pa / Class 2
Water Tightness (BS.5368): 200Pa / Class 5A
Wind Resistance (BS.5368): 1600Pa / Class 4

Our PVC-U sash windows have a wide range of finishes and colour options available. For a clean, smooth finish we offer a Solid white or cream colour options. We also offer outside a crystal white finish and for a woodgrain appearance we offer foils with cream, Golden Oak and Irish Oak finish giving that timber appearance. Dual colour options are also available for woodgrain finishes on the outside and a solid Chartwell Green, Anthracite Grey, Rosewood and Black Brown on the inside. If our popular colour options don’t satisfy your need don’t worry, as we can paint your PVC-U in any RAL colour.

For your safety and security, our PVC-U sash windows come featured with double glazed sealed units with toughened glass at both top and bottom. The double-glazed units are 24mm (4/16/4) thick to insure great thermal performance. We also offer a range of patterned glass options for privacy if you room location requires so.

Window Features

Astragal Bars: decorative bars giving your window the impression of having individual glass panes. They are placed both on the inside and outside.

Georgian Bars: internal decorative bars fitted between the glazed unit. Widths option of 18mm or 25mm.

Decorative Sash Horns: placed on the outside on the top sash. Must be specified in quote.

Sills: from front to back depths available in 152mm, 185mm and 225mm with 152mm being standard.

Trickle Vents: Placed in the top sash to allow some ventilation without having the need to open the window.

Travel Restrictors: Restricts the opening of the window to 100mm. It is key operated. Provides extra security and safety for your window.

Sash Locks: Lock your windows once fully closed. Can be locked with key. Two sash locks are fitted for windows that are over 800mm wide and only one if its under 800mm. This ensures great security for your home.

Security Bar: This feature is integrated into the window sill designed to prevent intruders from using tolls or excessive force from entering your property as it stops them from being able to lever open the bottom sash.

Sash Lifts: Used to open and close the bottom sash. These are fitted as standard (two).

Tilt Knobs: Allows inward tilting of sashes for easy access to the exterior part of the window. These are fitted as standard (two).

Pole Eyes: Used to open and close the top sash. These are fitted as standard (two).

D Handles: Optional handles used to replace the pole eyes or sash lifts.