Screen SKY

Advantages and Benefits

  • Great protection from head radiation and light
  • Good sound insulator from outside noise
  • Variety of fabric selections
  • Full functionality in any position of the casement
  • Any RAL colour upon request



Manual- handle


Installed by attaching box to the roof window upper frame

For Screen SKY
minimum width: 400 mm
maximum width: 1200 mm
minimum height: 500 mm
maximum height: 1600 mm


Fabric Selection

Satiné, Satiné Metal
PVC-coated fibreglass provides excellent dimension stability, protection against fire and chemicals, UV stability and excellent resistance to weather conditions. In the basic version, the fabric is composed of 42 % fiberglass and 58 % PVC coating (except for the blackout-type fabrics).

Soltis 86, 92, B92
The material is made from a fabric woven from a high-strength polyester fibre, with surface treatment by pigmented PVC. The material is pre-stressed using the Precontraint technology in two directions, ensuring high dimensional stability and strength. Further advantages of the material include excellent heat--insulating properties, optimal visual and lighting properties, colour fastness (UV-stability), and flame resistance (B1, M1).

SCR 4005
Internal and external use with a lower price yet keeping high quality standard

Herby stated colours are only for reference. We recommend visiting our showroom to get a physical watch of the fabrics.We cannot accept claims for inappropriately chosen colours according to electronic samples.