Terms & Conditions


Terms and Conditions

The following conditions apply to timber doors and windows manufactured by Bespoke Windows London Ltd.
1. The Contract
The Customer agrees to purchase and have installed and the Company agrees to supply and install the goods as set on the overleaf. All terms and conditions between the Customer and Company are stated in this contract and there are no oral or written agreements between the Customer and any agent of the Company not mentioned in this Contracts shell be in any way biding upon Company.

2. Variations
Any Variations of these conditions shell be made in writing to the Company but shell not be accepted by the Company, unless it is confirmed in writing by Director of the Company.

3. Time
The Time is not the essence of this Contract. The Company will complete the Contract and in the effect of installation delivered goods within the reasonable practice. However, the Company cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage caused by delays in manufacture, delivery or installation of goods caused by circumstances beyond Companies control. (fire, flooding, strike action by others, criminal damage or others.)

4. Access
The Customer agrees to give the Company?s Surveyor access to survey the Customers property given the reasonable notice prior to the survey and all reasonable time. The Customer agrees to allow the Company?s installer and service engineer access to the Customer?s property at all reasonable time, so the Company can carry out the installation. The Company cannot be held responsible or/and liable for any loss due its failure to complete the works under any circumstances.

5. Removal to existing windows
The Company installers will remove and dispose of all replaced existing door, windows and/or frames unless the Customer ask to leave them on Customer?s premises.
The Customer shell be obligated to remove from relevant spaces/rooms or appropriate from relevant areas or parts thereof likely to be affected by installation.
Whilst some damages may occur during the installation of the product, the Company will use all reasonable care during installation of the goods, removal of redundant material from the site and demolition and removal of any brickwork.
The Company under no circumstance shall be liable in respect to of any such damage or to make good to any damage caused except that the Company specified as a part to the works included in estimate, but excluding any tiles, paint or any other finished internally or externally.
The Customer shell arranges at their own cost removal and reinstallation of any blinds, curtains, ornaments and any electrical and other cables.

6. Cancellation
This contract may be cancelled by the Customer by giving a written notice signed by Customer within seven (7) days from date that the estimate has been approved and The Customer invited to carry out works. Otherwise once the estimate has been approved and the Company invited to carry out works the Customer cannot cancel it under any circumstances and any deposit paid by the Customer is non-returnable.
This contract is subject to approval of the Company?s surveyor. In the event of the Company wishing to terminate the Contract, the Company shall notify the Customer in writing, whereupon the Customer deposit shall be refunded in full without any interest or any other obligations on the part of the Company.

7. Payment
Payment of the total balance (less any deposit paid) shall be paid before collection or delivery of the goods to the Customer. Payment of the fitting goods shall be due immediately upon completion of any installation. Any balance due, but unpaid by the Customer on the day following the date of the completion of the installation becomes subject to carry interest rate at the rate
of 4% per calendar month calculated on the daily bases on the amount due until full settlement.

8. Guarantees
The Company undertakes to use its best endeavours to provide the service and all goods stated overleaf. Goods supplied by the Company are guaranteed to the following subject:
– 10 Years for Pine and Maranti a timber window and door construction
– 25 years for Oak a timber window and door construction
– 5 years for the tightness of glazed glass
– 5 years for ironmongery
– 5 years for the coating
– 1 year for accessories mounted on windows and doors
– The foregoing warranty covers only the doors and windows used properly and according to the user?s manual. The following requirements should be met in particular:
* rooms should be properly and regularly ventilated, air humidity in the room should not exceed 70%
* warm water with delicate washing agents should be used to clean doors and windows. Aggressive chemical or abrasive agents, such as vinegar, ammonia, etc. should not be used.
* coating should be preserved based on the Manufacturer?s specifications
– Warranty period is calculated from the moment the Customer collects the purchases goods. Rights resulting from the Warranty Card are effective the moment all accounts with the Supplier are settled.
– Goods unpaid for are not included in the Warranty. Warranty expires when payments are not settled in due time.
– Warranty is issued when a Warranty Card and proof of purchase is submitted in the sales point or directly to the Manufacturer within 14 days of the date a flaw was detected. Claims must be submitted in writing.
– The Seller is obliged to answer a claim within 28 days.
– Warranty dos not involve the following:
* goods with flaws or defects due to which the price of such goods was lowered
* goods with flaws, which are invisible after assembly and have no influence on the use value
* goods with flaws resulting from improper storage, assembly or use
* goods with discolorations or damage to the timber caused by the room humidity exceeding 70%
* goods with little glass defects indicated by the Manufacturer
* goods with damage to the coating, which was not caused by the Manufacturer (e.g. due to using adhesive tapes and washing agent or sharp tools not designed to washing)
*accidents beyond the Manufacturer?s control and operation conditions (e.g. fire, flood, devastation, etc.)
– Manufacturer reserves the right to evaluate and qualify the damage.
– Warranty is lost due to the following:
*individual alteration
*wrong assembly not according to the instruction
– Purchasing of the product means accepting its warranty conditions.
– The Customers? rights expire due to any window and door repairs and alterations performed in the warranty period by unauthorized person.
– In case of unjustified notifications, all service costs are born by the Ordering Party.
– Warranty is effective in all states within the European Union.
– In cases not covered by the foregoing warranty, regulation of Act dated 27 July 2012 regarding particular terms and conditions of consumer sale are effective (Journal of Acts No 141 item 1176)
-Nothing in these conditions will reduce your statutory rights relating to faulty or miss-described goods and services. For further information about your  statutory rights contact your Local Authority Trading Standards Department or Citizens Advise Bureau.