Vision 50

Vision 50

This commercial aluminium door is designed for high traffic applications. It is a non-insulated door system which offers great solutions for business at ground floor or shop front. It is available in both single and double swing doors, with a standard of both inward or outward openings. It is compatible with a wide range of devices which allows the door to slide or pivot automatically.

Vision 50 being able to offer a huge range of threshold gives it the ability to meet all building regulations.

It terms of safety, to maximise security an anti-finger trap can be added to the door.

Glass panels can be placed both on the outside and the inside.

Glazing method

✓ Beaded door bent or in case of screens a shuffled pocket frame

Technical Data

Minimum visible width (Frame + Vent)

✓ Standard Door-149mm

✓ Pivot Door-175mm

✓ Automatic Door-125mm

Overall system depth

✓ Frame:    Standard Door-100mm   Pivot Door-100mm   Automatic Door-150mm

✓ Vent:   Standard Door-50mm   Pivot Door-50mm   Automatic Door-50mm

Glass thickness

✓ Maximum of 37mm

Beaded sections

✓ 4mm to 37mm

Pocket sections

✓ 4mm to 24mm